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Miscellaneous Classes

A rt classes that are unique and can't be pinned down to a category!

Photo of a sculpture piece PAPER LANTERN WORKSHOP
Make your own funky, functional paper lantern! Everything you need to create this cool piece is included. Makes a great gift, or keep it for yourself!
Instructor: Ruth Bush
Wednesday & Thursday, October 4 & 5, 6:30-8:30pm
$70, materials provided

This class is both an art and language class rolled into one! In this class, students will learn to read and write hiragana (one of the native alphabets of Japan) as well as some kanji (characters borrowed from China). Emphasis will be placed on learning things such as stroke order and stylistic variation, so that students learn not only to write each letter correctly but also beautifully.
Ages 8 and up
Instructor: Lily Cernak
Wednesdays, November 29-December 20, 6:45-8:45pm
$80/4 week series
or $24 per single class. Call studio to book single class.