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Our Print Studio

Our Press is ready for your print! Artist-in-Residence for printmaking and Technical Advisor for our Printing Studio: Deborah Hamburger
Our professional grade etching press is at your service and can produce either small or very large prints. Printmakers working in linoleum, woodcut, wood engraving, etching, monoprint, monotype, collagraph, drypoint, and various other techniques will all find our press very accommodating.
Bring in your prepared plate, inks, brayer and paper. Most plates can be worked on or refined at the workbench, but metal etchings requiring acid immersion should be ready to print, as we do not provide for the acid wash. We can not accommodate lithography.
We have 18 x 36 felt pusher, catcher, and cushion blankets available for studio use. We also have a large (44 x 55) stainless steel sink for soaking paper or for clean up and a large drying rack available.
Any solvents used must be odorless.
BEGINNERS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME!! We offer expert instruction in Printmaking by Deborah Hamburger.

Printmaking Studio details:
* Conrad E-37 37 x 60 Etching Press
* Chrome-plated upper roller
* Micrometer gauges
* Large utility sink
* Paper soaking trays
* Drying rack
* $10 per hour
* $55 per day
* $95 per week
* $150 per month
Call us at 610.807.9201 between 10 am - 9pm, Tuesday through Saturday and Sunday 1pm - 8pm for studio availability.