Photo of pottery wheels

Our Pottery Studio

Our pottery studio is set up to accommodate either wheel-thrown or hand built work sessions. From the initial clay wedging to the finished fired piece, we have everything you need on-site.

Studio Details

* 5 Brent Model C pottery wheels
* 1 Brent Model IE pottery wheel
* Slab roller
* Worktable for hand building and glazing
* Available shelf space
* Large electric kiln

Want to learn to learn how to create your own pottery from scratch or do you just need studio time to create your beautiful works? The Art Establishment is the place to be.

The ceramic arts are one of civilization’s oldest art forms, having enchanted artists of countless generations. But, just because it’s an ancient art doesn’t mean you can’t create in a modern, efficient studio. That’s exactly what you’ll find here. Come down stairs to the Pottery Studio and get your hands dirty! Throw a hunk of clay on one of our electric wheels or, if you prefer, hand build your clay into a valued work of art. We have a slab roller and shelf space at the ready. We offer bisque firings, glazes and glaze firings, with the process control of a large electric kiln. Come and create a work of ceramic art that would be the envy of those ancient artists!