Photo of inside of our pottery space

Pottery Studios

The ceramic arts are one of civilization’s oldest art forms, having enchanted artists of countless generations. But, just because it’s an ancient art doesn’t mean you can’t create in a modern, efficient studio. That’s exactly what you’ll find here. Come down stairs to the Pottery Studio and get your hands dirty! Throw a hunk of clay on one of our electric wheels or, if you prefer, hand build your clay into a valued work of art. We have a slab roller and shelf space at the ready. We offer bisque firings, glazes and glaze firings, with the process control of a large electric kiln. Come and create a work of ceramic art that would be the envy of those ancient artists!

"This place is awesome! I love the peaceful rooms and the lovey pottery equipment! Ellen is always kind and welcoming, ready to help when ever you need! It's been awhile since I've been there and I can't wait to go back!" ~ Olivia I.

Studio Details:

* 5 Brent Model C pottery wheels
* 1 Brent Model IE pottery wheel
* Slab roller
* Worktable for hand building and glazing
* Available shelf space
* Large electric kiln
* $10 per hour or
* $55 daily or
* $95 weekly or
* $150 monthly
* More Info What you need to know:
Your piece must be completely dry before going into the kiln for the bisque firing. We usually wait about a week to ensure this. The capacity of pieces ready for our kiln may also affect the kiln firing schedule. This could take 10-14 days. We will make every effort to ensure your piece is fired in a timely manner.
We ask our artists to maintain standard studio practices to limit the possibility of kiln accidents. We offer classes for beginners if you are unsure of what these standards entail. The Art Establishment cannot be held responsible for any pieces which become damaged in the firing process.
We are very careful about maintaining the integrity of the clay that goes into our kiln in order to prevent kiln accidents. This will protect your work and the work of the other artists, and protect the kiln equipment as well. In order to do this, we ask that your clay be purchased through The Art Establishment and may not leave the studio (this includes works in progress).
We have chosen a versatile mid-range clay from Laguna. It is Cone 6, gray color when wet and Light Buff when fired. It is standard texture and consistency, with an average shrinkage rate of 10.8% and average water absorption rate of 1.9%. It’s an excellent midrange off-white stoneware clay, ideally suited for wheel throwing or hand building. Neutral glazes are not altered by clay body ingredients, allowing them to show off purer than most.
A selection of professional grade studio glazes is available as well. These are stored in bulk containers in the studio. If you prefer to use your own glazes, they should be in the original containers with clear labels, and need to be approved by the studio first.
Any clay left in the studio longer than 4 months will be discarded or become studio clay. Any fired pieces/works in progress left longer than 3 months will be discarded.
No production pottery permitted.

Pottery studio session: $10 / hour
Bisque Firing: FREE
Glaze Firing: $0.03 per square inch
(includes use of studio glazes)

Call us at 610.807.9201 between 10 am - 9pm, Tuesday through Saturday and Sunday 1pm - 8pm for studio availability.