Photo of paint studio

Painting & Drawing Studios

Our “open-concept” Painting & Drawing Studios are located downstairs, where you’ll draw inspiration from a large communal area with other working artists. We are breaking free from the traditional private studio model to make the studio experience more affordable and accessible to artists. The co-working space creates a dynamic interaction among passionate artists and enriches the creative process.
TAE provides tables, easels, taborets and stools/chairs. Open studio artists are free to arrange the space as needed while they work. The studio has natural daylight bulbs, supplementary lighting if desired, Wi-fi, a utility sink, and also canvas and drawing storage for works in progress, on a limited basis. So come on – sharpen that charcoal pencil, work the business-end of that favorite brush, and bring out the meaningful artwork that’s been stirring deep within you!

Studio Details

Shared Open Studio concept with comfortable 8’ X 13’ workspaces
Bright, well-lit area. Special ‘Natural Light’ bulbs allow for more accurate color mixing
Limited storage for works in progress
Tables available for working flat
$10 per hour
$55 per day
$95 per week
$150 per month

How it Works:
It doesn’t get much easier… Just bring your paint kit, canvas, sketch pad, or whatever you’re working on! We have an easel, stool, and taboret table waiting for you.

Just a few simple rules. No turpentine – use odorless mineral spirits, please. No pouring solvents down the drains. And wear earbuds while jamming.

Call us at 610.807.9201 between 10 am - 9pm, Tuesday through Saturday and Sunday 1pm - 8pm for studio availability.