Photo of a child and his art peice

Kids & Teens Arts Classes

D rawing and painting classes, crafting classes, and oil and acrylics painting class for teens, including:

In this class children embark on a imaginative journey by storytelling in paint. We "write" our story by using paintbrushes with colors, shades, shapes, rhythm, and structure to create artwork that tells the unique tale your young Artist wishes to share! Starting with an idea, we then begin our under painting to "outline" the story. Next, we use shapes and color mixing to bring the imagination to life on an 11x14 canvas!
Tuesday evenings
Ages 4-8, 6-7pm
Ages 9-14, 7:15-8:15
Instructor: April Khalil
Cost: $70/4 weeks, all materials included
4 week sessions: Sept. 5-26; Oct. 3-24
AGES 4-8: AGES 9-14:

This class encompasses one project focusing on student choice of subject, from under painting to final glaze. We will start our artistic journey by looking at student photographs of an appropriate subject of their choice to create an under painting. Our focus will then move onto color mixing with application of layer upon layer of color depth adding warmth and dimension to the work. Students will not only learn step by step details of acrylic painting, but also reasoning, color complementing, and utilizing STEM academic concepts. When artwork is complete, students will have their own masterpiece canvas they have customized and developed start to finish as well as sparked their creativity!
Instructor: April Khalil
April 7-May 12, 6-7:30pm
Cost: $120, all materials included (16x20 canvas, paints, brushes, palette paper, etc.)
Minimum of 3 students to run