Photo of Lily Cernak

Manga | Graphic Novel Art

L ily Cernak. I am an illustrator, author, JP-EN translator, language instructor and general nerd. On the web you may know me as Rain-and-Sunshine on deviantArt or Rainysidewalks on other sites. My webcomics include Farewell Feeling (fantasy; written/drawn by me) ( and Yuki no Monogatari (fantasy/historical/educational; drawn by me/written by Richard Van Houten) ( /yuki_no_monogatari_manga).

In the real world, you can find me in studio 306 at the GoggleWorks Center for the Arts in Reading, PA. I teach individual and group classes (long distance or in person) on Japanese, ESL, manga drawing, drawing in general, and more. I also teach Japanese at Villanova University.