Photo of Joyce Danko

Oil Painting | Color Theory

J oyce Danko is a professional Colorist/Artist from Bethlehem. Joyce is a lifelong painter who, for the past several years, has been closely involved in the traditional atelier method of art training. This reflects the recent movement in the art world towards a revival in the classical approach to training and technical proficiency. Her paintings were included in a number of recent juried exhibitions in New Hope and Philadelphia areas, and she is also a noted award-winning canine painter.

She also has an impressive background in color theory and is a professional color consultant for interior design. Joyce is a strong advocate for the Fletcher color system, especially since the beginning artist is overwhelmed with color choices and brands. “Control and management can save YEARS of experimentation, and guarantee better results. With limits will come freedom and confidence. I am excited to pass on my knowledge, helping new students learn the rules of mixing color so they can concentrate on technique and their unique expression in art.”

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