Photo of inside of our pottery space


Although the switch to digital has changed the world of photography dramatically, there are still artists who are passionate about film photography. Some say it’s a dying art, but there is a resurgence of interest, and rightly so. It is truly a hands-on approach to creating art, requiring patience and skill, and the magic of seeing the image first appear when you dip your paper into the developer never seems to get old. So bring your film and your paper and see what develops!

Our B&W photography darkroom is set up for two photographers to work comfortably in a professional-grade darkroom. From the light-proof room where you can safely unload your film, to our wet lab for processing, to our print dryer and drying racks, and all the conveniences in between, we offer everything the photographer needs to produce professional, quality prints.

Darkroom Details:

Bessler dichro 45S enlarger
Omega C760 enlarger
Omega Arkay print dryer
Can accommodate up to 11”x14” prints and medium format
Film drying cabinet
Light table
Dry mount press for mounting your photos
$10 per hour plus $3 chemical fee, as of March 1, 2018, new chemical fee will be $5
$55 per day, minimum $5 chemical fee - assessed at end of day.
$95 per week, chemical fee assessed at end of week.
$150 per month, chemical fee assessed as needed based on use.

Call us at 610.807.9201 between 10 am - 9pm, Tuesday through Saturday and Sunday 1pm - 8pm for studio availability.