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Who We Are

Being amateur artists ourselves (Tom an oil painter and Ellen a film photographer), we understand the need for affordable and flexible studio space.

"I took darkroom classes in college and fell in love with the process, but when I graduated in 2009, there was nowhere I could pursue my passion unless I drove to Philly or New York, and that wasn’t really a viable option, cost or time-wise." ~Ellen

"As our family grew, I lost my home studio. I would set up in the living room, but it wasn't very practical, and truthfully I didn’t want the paints and turps around our young children and pets. Eventually, it just became too frustrating and difficult, so one day I packed up my supplies and never took them out again for five years."~Tom

We believe there are untold numbers of artists who could boost their creative output if only they had better access to studio resources. The unique nature of our studio is that it gives artists access to studio space and equipment on an affordable basis, where they can create on their own schedule and on their own terms.

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Located near South Bethlehem, at 945 Broadway, Fountain Hill, PA. 18015.

Tom Flynn is a resident of Fountain Hill where he lives with his wife and three daughters. Although he works in a New Jersey factory, he has had a lifelong interest in art in general, oil painting in particular. When he’s not at the factory, he’s running an awesome art studio with his wife, Ellen.

Ellen Flynn has worked as a writer and editor for a television and radio industry publication. Although she can’t draw a stick figure to save her life, she is passionate about B&W film photography. She’s also passionate about helping artists become more productive and inspired.

At “The Art Establishment” we believe art should be accessible to everyone, and that every person, no matter their level of ability, should have the opportunity to experience the awesome nature of creative expression. We are a visual arts studio committed to supporting and fostering the creative process by offering affordable access to studio space, equipment, instruction, gallery space, and the dynamic interaction among passionate artists that provides for a richly rewarding art experience.