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Homeschoolers / Scouts


Please note: Up to 2 Scout leaders are free for all Scout activities!

Have fun and earn your Pottery badge at the same time!
Fun, creative clay projects – hand built or wheel thrown (space limited to 6 for wheel throwing), tailored for all levels/ages of scouts.
Very economical at $20 per scout, includes 1.5 hours of instruction, clay and both firings. Pieces take about 3 weeks to be ready for pick-up.

Cadet Book Artist Badge
Explore the art of bookbinding!
2 hour class to learn about and make different types of books, projects can vary and be tailored to your troop.
Just $22 per girl, we provide all the specialty tools and materials required!

Brownie Painting Badge
Brownies will learn about a few different famous artists, take a tour of our gallery, then will create their own masterpiece on an 11x14 canvas board using acrylic paints with step by step guidance from the instructor.
$19 per Brownie for 1.5 hour class, all materials included

Junior Drawing Badge
Juniors will work with one of our artists to learn the art of drawing: shading, perspective, composition, and will have the chance to experiment with various materials.
$18 for 1.5 hour class, all materials included

We can offer a variety of sessions at The Art Establishment, including the following (or we can tailor a course to suit your needs):

Mixed Media, grades K-5
Learn skills and techniques with introduction to multiple types of art tools and mediums in this class of ultimate exploration! Kids get hands-on learning in pencil drawing, ink doodling, shading techniques, acrylic color mixing, and arts and crafts keepsake making. Includes enhanced skill building with academics through the arts!

Collage, all grades
Creative, fun art that unleashes the children’s creativity! Collaging with paper, objects, etc. Can be tailored to all grades.

Mini Masters, grades K-2
Give your little ones a jump start with art! Children who are immersed in art at an early age develop an enhanced perceptual awareness of the world around them, laying the foundation for the critical thinking skills they’ll need in life. This class introduces children to a master artist and a new art technique using a wide variety of nontoxic art media, inspires their imagination and strengthens their observation skills.

Art Smart, grades 3-5
Skills developed through art lead to better learning in other areas. Our Art Smart classes are designed to introduce children to the elements of art in a fun, imaginative and nurturing setting. Art Smart classes thoughtfully balance instruction, enrichment, and exploration time.

Intro to Painting, acrylics, grades 6-8
Acrylics are one of the most versatile media ever invented! Bright, luminous colors, ease of use, and infinite techniques make acrylic painting a boundless, creative choice. We will cover the basics of composition, light & shadow, color harmony, and perspective.

Teen Painting, acrylics, grades 9-12
See above: along with covering basics of composition, light & shadow, color harmony and perspective, teens will delve into some of the alternative techniques acrylics has to offer: washes, layering, dripping, sponging, spraying, textured mediums, collage, etc.

Intro to Ceramics, grades 5-12
Hand building with clay. Learn how to create, glaze and fire a pot. Class will cover slump mold, coil, and slab building techniques. Basic wheel throwing for older students. *Materials fee $10/student

Intro to Printmaking, grades 4-12
From simple stamping and found object printing for younger grades, to more advanced for older, such as monotypes, collagraphs, and linocut. * Materials fee $10/student

Intro to Darkroom, grades 9-12
This class is designed for photographers who have no previous darkroom experience Learn about black & white film printing and dodging and burning of prints. * Materials fee $10/student